URJA MUSIC…..music for the soul

URJA……..Many are familiar with its meaning as ‘energy’ but in its’ deeper form it is an abbreviation for Urjeshwari and means  

                     ability, enjoyment, expansion and inspiration….

and describes aptly what we like to express through our music. 

At Urja Music we aim to feed the soul, as our music is not just to entertain but to bring a change in the heart of our listeners. Our devotional albums have received tremendous feedback in the international market but we do not want to restrict ourself to genres as through music we want to transcend the boundaries…..and let music just flow. 

As Shashika says: 'If it touches my soul I want to get it out there for my listeners too.' 

We thank you for your support over the years and seek your blessings always in our endeavor to reach far and wide spreading harmony through music.

Hope you like our theme music at Urja Music…..composed by Bipin Panchal and sung by Bipin Panchal and Shashika Mooruth. 


© Urja Music  2014  for further enquiries write to us at urjamusic@urjamusic.com