simply imagine yourself on a bullock cart being driven through a village in North India :)

Shashika Mooruth is an independent artiste from South Africa. Her lineage extends to her forefathers from India hence the dynamic Indian traditional influence on her music style. 

Under the auspices of her music label, Urja Music, she displays her holistic musical artistry at every level of production. Her voice, however, is her main instrument. 

In Jogan, she has rendered her voice to compositions based on styles that are popular in North India, particularly the state of Uttar Pradesh, which praise Krishna and Raam as the Divine.

Jogan means a woman who leaves all worldly pleasures, mostly for her beloved or God. 

JOGAN - folk songs that enthrall the listener with an uplifting experience.


Mere Kanha Kanha 
Man Lagalo  
Radhe Radhe Japlo 
Shyam Piya 
Raam Se Preet Lagale 
Re Manwa 
Sabse Bada Raam Ka Naam
Chal Kar Parikramma
Bolo Raam Raam




- I enjoyed the spirited quality of your album JOGAN. It sounds happy and rich, full of life and heritage. The opening song had a carnival quality. The native instruments and voice renderings throughout your album are all sung, played and mixed wonderfully. I think that everybody who listens to this album will get a mental visual of dancing and stories that have come down trough the ages of the history that it hails from. If colors had tones, this would be a fine example. You and your team created a wonderful album. (Steve Pullara)

you have a wonderful voice, very expressive! (Alex)

This album is so original!  I am really digging Shyam Piya.  I actually just finished a deep chill class with my mom (it is our   Wednesday ritual) and I must have the teacher and class listen to your album! (Alisha G)

- I am listening now and it is very beautiful!  I have spent time in India and in Varanasi, and really enjoy the lively energy of what you have created.  I also love the spiritual message behind your music.  I wish you only the greatest success! (Aliza Hava)

- your voice, like a surfer dancing on the wave (Al Walser)

- I love it, your story, and your message (Emily)

- I really love it! You have such a diverse background, and it’s all coming through in your music. Congrats! (Ashli Christoval)

Love your work! Beautiful playing and production, and above all so deeply moving... Well done, a joy to listen to - so refreshing to come across something this good. Thank you (Athena Andreadis)

I am just catching up on some listening. I really appreciate you including some English lyrics. It helps to tap into the energy of the songs, which is very uplifting. You have a lovely voice! (Aunty Kayte)

- I enjoyed this album (Songwriting Shane)

You have such a gorgeous voice and style Shashika..I really hope our paths will cross in NYC or elsewhere...Thank you so much for sharing your music and your sweet self with me (Chandrika Tandon)

- Your voice is great. This music is lovely (Charise Sowells)

- Your music truly is uplifting and brings joy! (Charles Denler)

- I really enjoyed Jogan!  You have a lovely voice, and the synths work really well with your singing.  I’ve always enjoyed listening to Hindi being sung—I’ve done a little work setting old Sanskrit texts to music, but never anything in modern Hindi.  I particularly liked “Man Lagalo”. (Christopher Tin)

I have listened to JOGAN and really like your authentic "world" sound! (Deborah)

- Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful album with me. Wonderful vocals and music production! The music video was a lot of fun to watch. (Dennis Sy)

- Thank you Shashika! You nailed it! I LOVE your recordings!!!! Your voice is wonderfully beautiful! I hope we can play music together someday. (EJ Oulette)

- I love the traditional styles you have and the intention behind your music:  very lovely and thoughtful. (Emily Drennan)

- A wonderful example of such fine music in the Indian tradition (Erik Scott)

- I have listened to “Jogan” and what immediately struck me was your beautiful voice. Your music is melodic and gentle and very pleasant to listen to. (Erika Kele)

- I had a chance to listen to several tracks of your record. It's lovely, and very well done. Of the tracks that I heard my favorite was Radhe Radhe Japlo. (Gernot Wolfgang)

- music that touches our hearts and souls is so powerful (Grant Maloy Smith)

- Your music is stunningly beautiful - and I love the good vibes, and peaceful energy. (Jeannie Tanner)

- I listened to your album and your voice is a delight! Your authentic Indian vocals are refreshing and performed beautifully. I can see your voice finding it’s way into many hearts! (Jennifer Rose)

- our voices come alive and fully express when we feel our music, and I certainly feel the music through your delivery.  So much soul and joy in your vocal performance. You have such a flexible, blended voice... love the ornaments and turns that you make sound effortless. (Jerry Jean)

- I found it very interesting and very beautiful. The vocal interpretation is pretty awesome. (Jorge Celedon)

- I really dig Mere Kanha Kanha! Had me dancing in my living room! (Justin Endler)

- My favorite track is Shyam Piya. Just beautiful arrangements through and through. Congratulations on moving release! (Kabir Sehgal)

- I have listened to your lovely album already, and respect your vocal excellence. Brilliant singing varies, of course, from culture to culture, but can always be discerned by my ears. :-) (Kathy Sanborn)

- I love how sweet and bouncy your voice is! (Kosi)

- I have been listening to your album and I am enjoying it very much ❤. I am not an expert in Indian music but I took a few masterclasses over the years as the beauty of Indian's vocals and melodies has always fascinated me.I think your album is really outstanding. The songs are gorgeous and your voice fits right into the best Indian tradition. I can tell you have a great respect for the masters and yet you bring a sweetness and a serendipity to the music that is your own. Congrats!- Love the music!! Wow. No matter where music comes from it is a uniting  force.. your music brought joy to my ears. (Laura Huval)

- I really enjoyed your musical offering and love it (Lauren Speeth)

- It finds a good place in my heart. I love the vocals, the rhythms and the drive for positive music towards spiritual world movement. Music is certainly a good path to find this. (Leti Garza)

- Hi Shashika, Your voice is beautiful and your message is real. We the women of the world have been blessed to express ourselves in song. Blessings of continued inner light. Be well, happy and safe always. (Maryann Miuccio Stefanik)

- I’m listening to your Jogan, and enjoying! I’ve been exposed to music and the singing style that’s somewhat similar at Amma events. I find the the inflections and trills very compelling. Your songs and your singing are beautiful, and very uplifting! (Max Highstein)

- I wish I could understand the language, but I’m enjoying the songs. So far "Radhe Radhe Japlo" is my favorite. The Minor key use is a nice feel. I spoke too soon, as I’m writing - "Shyam Piya” has a cool and unusual time signature and I love the darker moods.(Morgan Taylor)

- your music is beautiful and touched my soul. (Natalie Jean)

- It's a pleasure to discover you and your music and I commend you on all the holistic, cultural and spiritual work you are doing, in additional to preserving traditional music!  I'm listening to your lovely track Man Lagalo at present. (Nicolette Aubourg)

- Wonderful work! Such a bright strong energy and presence!!! (Paul Avgerinos)

- I feel that your music has the same quality, in that it moves me in a meditative, contemplative way to a different place.  (Paul Henning)

- Very cool! Chal Kar Parikramma is my favorite track.  (Paul Tynan)

- Oh wow, your voice is incredible Shashika! Sounds like an angel is singing to me. Really unique, haven't quite heard an album like this before. I like how you play with dynamics which is an element of music that often gets overlooking. I could tell you put your heart and soul into it. (Paul)

- Wonderful production, playing and singing. (Russ Hewitt)

- I love your voice and music - I heard it on FB. I am familiar and love this beautifully expressive and spiritual style. I am very much into meditation and Yoga (I am a certified instructor); I studied Ayurveda and ancient Indian teachings and philosophy.(Sophia Agranovich)

- Thank you for your beautiful music. Listening now. So far my fav. is Man Lagalo and Chal Kar Parikramma. Your voice is beautiful, you are so expressive. I love Indian music... been a fan for many years. So this is a treat. (Gian-Carla)

- I'm really enjoying listening to your new album and very moved by the words of the english translation - I remember you album last year Krishna the flute player that I really loved.Such beautiful and spiritual pieces, I like the different moods and feelings  like going from one garden to the next :-)  Wonderful work!! (Starr Parodi)

- I love what Jogan means, and thank you for putting up the words in english, beautiful poetry~ Thank you!  (Steve Ruiz)

- I have actually sampled Indian folk music before so I'm very familiar with your genre. I like your album, and I'm excited you connected and shared with me. You have a great voice, very professional! (Tadric Jermaine)

- I love your positive music too. The world needs as many voices as ours as possible, because the world needs to understand there is more to us all than on the surface where all the division seems to exist. (TJ Doyle)

-  (2nd track "Man Lagalo" stole my heart; your voice is SO seductive and the instrumentation is wonderfully soothing!)(Danae Vlasse)


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