Rafta Rafta

South African songbird collaborates 
Sonu Nigam

SOUTH African songbird Shashika Mooruth, who has made international waves in the music industry, has teamed up with Indian musician, singer and composer Sonu Nigam.

They have worked together on the single Rafta Rafta, which was released in October 2017.

“When music arranger Maqbool Hussein approached me for this song, I was obviously excited but also wary that it would be a challenge,” said Mooruth, who now resides in Mumbai, India.

Still beaming with excitement, she said she had always admired Nigam, whose hits include Kal Ho Naa Ho and Tera Rang Balle Balle, and praised his work ethic.

“He is equally excellent in the studio, as a playback singer and as an on-stage performer. It’s a feat not every singer can accomplish.”

She said that from working with him, she had learned a valuable lesson.

“When tackling a new song, it is important to make it your own. So I put any hesitation I had aside and dived into the recording sessions.”

Sonu Nigam told POST the song was a “throwback” to the old style of composing, which was rare nowadays.

It required a lot of emotion to do justice to the composition, he said.

“And this makes it even more special and unique.

“When I heard the final song, I was very impressed as Shashika’s voice is steeped in emotion and her hard work in training has been proved in this song.”

Singing his praise about South Africa, where he has performed several times, he said: “I have always enjoyed performing before the audiences there. So the bond is always strong and now it has become stronger with this duet.”


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