Swagatam Krishna was recorded as a live performance at Buzz-In Studio, Mumbai.

Shashika recorded this album as a gift for her spiritual master HH Sacinandana Swami on his ‘birthday’. He had originally asked for a book of verses to be compiled which she typed on her home computer. However, a week before her trip to Germany to celebrate his birthday, her computer hard disk crashed and hence the book was destroyed before printing! In a desperate bid knowing that the book would not be possible in that trip, she recorded Swagatam Krishna. 

Her desire was to record live with musicians in the studio but Hemant Trivedi who kindly assisted with arranging the entire recording felt that she should record the track first and dub her voice later. Shashika was still determined that her feelings of wanting to please her spiritual teacher will best be evoked if she would record live. 

As the recording started, Hemant received a call that his father was unwell. He left the studio promising to return as soon as possible. The recording had to continue as Shashika had very little time on her hands. She went ahead and recorded live with the musicians and the result is Swagatam Krishna. 

Shashika admits that during the recording, because she felt helpless that she could not save the book that crashed on her computer, and that she would not be able to present the book to her spiritual master especially as he had requested it for his birthday, she prayed to Krishna and cried during the recording while singing, crying to Krishna to please make the album a worthy gift to offer to her master.

Many who have heard this album also feel very emotional and the only reason that this could be is that Shashika’s emotions have been locked in to the music during the recording session!

No doubt, her spiritual teacher, HH Sacinandana Swami received the album with love and grace and requested that the book be completed when possible. He received the book in Mayapur, West Bengal a month later in another special experience. A perfect example of the relationship better guru (teacher) and shishya (disciple).

In 2006, the track Govinda Madhava from Swagatam Krishna was nominated at Just Plain Folks Music Awards, USA in Indian music category. http://www.jpfolks.com/MusicAwards/2006/SongNominees.html


Credits: Shashika Mooruth (composer/harmonium/vocals); Hemant Trivedi (arranger); Raj Sharma (tabla); Sudhir Khandekar (flute); Prakash (dholak)
Producer: Shashika Mooruth
Label: Urja Music
Release date: 4th February 2004



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